Our Mission

We use equity-centered community design methods to address urban inequity. Our focus includes projects related to affordability, infrastructure, and economic inclusion. 

The work of equity is to create safe spaces for people, to connect them, and then to move from merely understanding the role of the individual to understanding the role individuals play in institutions and systems.
— Equity by Design


  • Design Research. We help you engage underserved populations in the design process, while providing research insights to inform your organization’s services, products, or programs.

  • Strategy. We help you strategize how to best implement solutions in order to increase impact and equity among underserved populations. In addition, we also help align your products and services to your organizational goals.

  • User Experience Design. We help design the experience for your mobile or web application.

  • Service Design. We help you improve your user experience through end-to-end service innovations that maximize value and improve your organization efficiency.